Our Core Values

We roll up our sleeves

Changing lives is no easy feat.

When difficult tasks arise, we don’t wait or make excuses, we step into action in a measured manner and get the job done.

We make a difference

Our ultimate goal is to achieve positive outcomes for our customers.

We know that to achieve outcomes, the process must first be embraced and prioritised. Hold the vision, trust the process.

We Move

Physically, we practice what we preach, we are movement advocates.

Personally and professionally, we recognise that to stay at our best, we must pro-actively and constantly further ourselves. We have the humility to know there is always more to learn, and the curiosity to research and grow.


Our Door is Open

We understand communication is at the heart of success in our industry.

Asking for help is encouraged. We are open and transparent internally and externally. We say it how it is – it’s our duty, with the overarching motivation to improve people’s lives.

See what Uplift can do for you

We're Here For You!

Uplift Exercise Physiology continues to operate within the restrictions of the NSW government COVID-19 public health orders.

We are currently providing online/telephone, home/community, and gym/pool consultations where clinically indicated and safe.

Call us on 0407 427 429 to discuss the most suitable plan for you or your patients’ individual situation.