Exercise is Medicine

At Uplift Exercise Physiology we believe that regular physical activity is paramount to a healthy, enriched life.


We envisage a world where all individuals are aware of the health benefits of regular physical activity, and are empowered to incorporate movement into their daily routines, to maximise their quality of life and achieve their goals.


We use our years of practical experience, university qualified background, and the latest evidence based research to help prescribe exercises to get our clients on the road to health quicker.


Who are we?

Uplift Exercise Physiology are a boutique provider of high quality allied health services.
We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients, to assist them towards positive health and wellness outcomes.

Outcome Focused

We collaboratively set personalised goals to guide your rehabilitation. Then keep you accountable.


Not another number. We take pride in tailoring our communication to the needs of our patients and referrers.


No cookie cutter programs. Clinically, each plan is based off an individuals presentation and the latest research.


We use the latest technology to provide programmes and education to our patients, for timely and lasting results.


We move. Where indicated - our community based service reduces the barrier of travel and allows the focus to be solely on rehabilitation.

We're Here For You!

Uplift Exercise Physiology continues to operate within the restrictions of the NSW government COVID-19 public health orders.

We are currently providing online/telephone, home/community, and gym/pool consultations where clinically indicated and safe.

Call us on 0407 427 429 to discuss the most suitable plan for you or your patients’ individual situation.