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Aged Care


Our Exercise Physiologists are highly skilled in prescribing programs to individuals requiring re-ablement, restorative care, and wellness services within the Aged Care sector. Benefits of working with Uplift Exercise Physiologists include:

  • Maximisation of functional capacity to promote independence, improve ability to complete activities of daily living, and optimise quality of life.
  • Prevention or delay of admission into residential care (if at home).
  • Prevention or delay of admission to hospital.
  • Increasing knowledge of carers regarding activity and exercise, to assist them perform their role to the highest standard and ultimately improve the health of the patient.
  • Individualised, health-focused, holistic activity programmes delivered by tertiary trained Exercise Physiologists, with a focus on consumer directed care.
  • Individuals who may benefit most: post-operative orthopedic, post-operative de-conditioning, falls prevention/improving balance, improving strength to complete ADLs, cardiometabolic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs


Our Exercise Physiologists are available to assist individuals manage chronic disease as well as provide post-acute rehabilitation for people recovering from major illness or injury. 


Common conditions that we can assist manage include:

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.


Note: DVA health cards (gold and white) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral.

Medicare / Private / Private Health


By appointment we are able to offer Medicare, Private and Private Health consultations.


The majority of Private Health Funds now cover Exercise Physiology. Please check with your individual health fund to see if you are covered for any rebates under your policy.


If you have received a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements from your GP, containing a referral to Uplift Exercise under Exercise Physiology, you are able to claim back a rebate or $53.80 from Medicare.

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Uplift Exercise Physiology continues to operate within the restrictions of the NSW government COVID-19 public health orders.

We are currently providing online/telephone, home/community, and gym/pool consultations where clinically indicated and safe.

Call us on 0407 427 429 to discuss the most suitable plan for you or your patients’ individual situation.