Work Conditioning for Life Insurance

At Uplift Exercise Physiology, we provide individualised, holistic, outcome focussed, work conditioning programmes to customers afflicted by personal injury, who are covered by income protection or TPD insurance policies through their Life Insurer.


Uplift work closely with Rehabilitation Providers and Insurers to assist the wider rehabilitation strategy of the customer, particularly those who are interested in attempting to build their conditioning with a view to re-enter the workforce, and attain the Health Benefits of Good Work. 


Uniquely, our team members have worked as Rehabilitation Providers, and as Exercise Physiologists (with significant experience across personal injury schemes), providing Uplift with a sound understanding of the rehabilitation requirements, clinical skillset, and communication specifics required to assist customers in navigating their work conditioning rehabilitation program, with the assistance of their Life Insurer.

As part of our Life Insurance work conditioning services, we have a particular interest in assisting customers experiencing: 

    • Musculoskeletal / Connective Tissue Conditions: including arthritis, osteomyelitis, fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, as well as pre and post-operative conditioning.
    • Cancer: including but not limited to pancreatic, prostate and breast; and including side effect management i.e. cancer related fatigue, cancer-induced brain fog, secondary physical deconditioning.
    • Mental Health and Behavioural Conditions: including PTSD, depression, stress and anxiety.
    • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Conditions: including heart attack, hypertension and stroke.
    • Neurological Conditions: including MND, MS, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.
    • Chronic Pain (and other): including CRPS, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and CFS.


The holistic nature of our programmes not only aims to assist with the rehabilitation of the individuals condition, but to also empower them to best manage their lifestyle health by incorporating education on topics including: physical activity, healthy eating, smoking, and alcohol consumption.


All of our services are provided via a conveniently mobile delivery model whereby we arrange to meet customers at a location convenient to them, before making recommendations as to the most appropriate venue post initial-assessment, whether that be home based, hydrotherapy, gym-based, community-based, work-based or other. 


For Life Insurers:

Please contact us to discuss service agreements, service delivery plans, and specific communication requirements if you are interested in utilising these services.


For Rehabilitation Providers: 

Please contact us if you have a customer that requires these services. 


For Customers:

Referrals under this service are to be initiated by the Insurer – please contact your Insurer directly to discuss. 

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Uplift Exercise Physiology continues to operate within the restrictions of the NSW government COVID-19 public health orders.

We are currently providing online/telephone, home/community, and gym/pool consultations where clinically indicated and safe.

Call us on 0407 427 429 to discuss the most suitable plan for you or your patients’ individual situation.