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Since day one, we have been offering and fine tuning our Telehealth Exercise Physiology services to ensure we can deliver high quality consultations to our customers across the country.

For video consultations we use Coviu, a healthcare specific, encrypted software platform designed by the CSIRO to optimise the security and effectiveness of telehealth consultations. We are also using SimpleSet software to prescribe individualised exercise plans and education to each patient.

Benefits of Telehealth consultations:

  • Evidence based: telehealth interventions have shown promise in improving the outcomes of patients with various conditions including musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary/cardiovascular, metabolic, and psychological.
  • Accessibility: improved accessibility to healthcare particularly for patients in remote locations or those with reduced mobility.
  • Cost-Effective: reductions in patient and practitioner travel costs allows for financial resources to utilised for more meaningful purposes.
  • Time-efficient: reductions in time away from home allow patients to spend more time doing the things they love.
  • Reduced infection risk: reduced risk of community infection in immunosuppressed/ vulnerable patients, particularly through pandemics such as COVID-19.
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Who We Can Help

Uplift Mobile Exercise Physiology

We are currently offering Telehealth consultations to appropriate WorkCover, CTP, Life Insurance, NDIS, Medicare, DVA and private patients. Medicare and DVA are supporting Telehealth Exercise Physiology until 30 September 2020 as a part of COVID-19 measures and we will bulk bill patients until that date; following that date we will await further advice from the Federal Government to determine if it is possible to continue service delivery via Telehealth under those schemes.

How to Make the Most of and Prepare for Telehealth Consultations:

1. Ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection; make sure that other members of your house are minimising their internet use and you close programs that may be impacting your household data usage during the consultation.
2. Set yourself up in a well lit room, with lots of space so that we can see you, and so that you can move around to complete any exercises. Ideally the light would come from behind the camera so that silhouettes are minimised.
3. Have all of your exercise equipment nearby. If you have weights, therabands, exercise mat, cardio equipment etc. make sure it is all nearby so that if necessary it can be used during your session.
4. Dress in comfortable and conservative clothing that you are happy to move around in.
5. Have your questions ready – the more inquisitive you are, the more your Exercise Physiologist can guide you to the correct advice, and ultimately towards your goals.
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